Thursday, February 20, 2014

blushing for cards

the funny kind, you know


i sent a card

to joe

yesterday. some artist in san francisco

painted a pair of lips

a handlebar moustache

and the card inside quips: "i can't disguise my love for you"

and i miss

but the last thing i wrote was on a piece of paper folded

"i could write a book

but you're a wavelength away"

and all i said all i said was how scared scared i am and how my love won't disappear

he can reject it, he can walk away from it, he can marinate

and use it if he ever goes back to rehab even if he's already married to someone else

it matters to me that he matters to him and

that he ("it's not about taking the babies away from you, it's about making sure they're safe")

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