Thursday, February 20, 2014

where to slit my wrists?

two people i would do it in front of

and thank god for marci

i told her about how marisol ambushed me with her best friend in our apartment

he was masturbating to porn on the flatscreen in the living room and marisol showed me her packing dildo, not even the one she would use for sex, not any of the ones she fucked her girlfriend with

and they spent six hours

trying to rape me and strangling me, and putting me in headlocks, threatening me not to go to the police

and marisol threatened to kill me a few times

she'd been saying all the things a lot of guys say

"i don't get it--but the more we hang out, the cooler and more fun you are, and the more i gotta have you"

and they were cutting off my airways, yep, my mouth, my nose, closing them off

so that when i was about to pass out from not breathing

they could blow some crack-cocaine breath into me--but--how does crack make you hornier?

how does crack make you go OH MY GOD PLEASE RAPE ME NOW YES YES YES

and the high

it is crystal

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