Monday, July 9, 2012

NAD has a tendency to yank my chain.

so here's the latest trouble, and here's my latest complaint. sent directly to NAD. i'm gonna publish the e-mail i get from whomever--we'll see just how much they care about THIS situation, because they sure as hell didn't want to help me get GEICO to realize that they have to provide interpreters at each doctor's appointment, so i lost all GEICO funding for accident-related doctor's visits. the doctor i saw kept screaming at me and saying i was stupid after he fondled my leg...because i hadn't lipread him well enough to understand that he'd DEMANDED that i go to mount sinai and get my foot checked out, then he wrenched my ankle so badly i limped for a few days just because he felt like i was too stupid to respect or ask, "how much does it hurt?"

hopefully NAD isn't going to ignore this one or tell me they can't put me in touch with a lawyer; it's FUCKING frightening to be calling 911--i think i actually called upwards of seven times and was hung up on a shitload, but four was a conservative estimate i knew to be true--and being hung up on over and over and over again. i thought 911 had "stay-on-the-line-and-we-can-track-you-down" technology.

I called 911 when my roommate threatened to kill me on May 15th, 2012. I called at least 4 times and probably 7 times. I was hung up on each time I called. My brother called the NYPD to help me because my 911 calls were all failing, and the police declined to come. He called a second time about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, later. The police came one hour later and refused to come inside the apartment, then when they finally did, they refused to come to my bedroom door to let me know they were there to protect me. My brother had to call back to find out if they really were in my apartment. The two officers then refused to report my roommate for sexual assault (she had tried to rape me with a man; she's a lesbian). They kept laughing at and mocking me and had not brought an interpreter to my apartment EVEN THOUGH THEY KNEW I WAS DEAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The DA's office has a Daisy Martinez, who has never agreed to help me report the NYPD for their misconduct because I had to flee the city, being homeless and terrified. I need to make it so that 911 never hangs up on someone whose roommate has a knife and is threatening to kill her after a failed rape attempt. I need to report my roommate to the NYPD. I need to sue the NYPD for not having an interpreter and not allowing me to file a sexual assault report. They almost LEFT ME IN MY APARTMENT WITH MY MURDEROUS ROOMMATE and I had to hold onto an officer's arm to get her to relent. How do I get help? I'm moving to SF. I only have a cell number to give you right now.

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