Wednesday, October 29, 2014

maybe this is. maybe it isn't.

but for now

we are golden

he's a baby, just 25

but he likes my pictures just fine

he's brilliant, brillianter than moizies

much more brilliant

and i told him yesterday, i told him

i've got an anti-rape persona online, and it's not gonna be apologized for or changed

and he was all, you know, i just have to turn off my phone when things get hectic at work

i'm curious to meet him, i really am dying to meet him--just because--it's curiosity!

but i'm glad he hasn't sent pictures...

if he's not quite cute, i won't notice in a month or two! he'll look like moritz bleibtreau

marlon brando

brian floyd!

he'll be too sexy for me to handle even if he's chris farley's nephew doubly sized!

i love them sexy, i love them cute, but i love them fun and smart so much more


he knows i was interviewed about gallaudet's rape epidemic

he's actually


with it

joe would have killed me over it

i hate to admit it; i love him and i want him to be free

to stop his abusers and end the abuse

to love himself

but the truth does not stop for fear

i may have seen this guy around washington heights when he was 17, 18


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