Saturday, March 31, 2012


this shitty excuse of a webcomic, represented by the FAQ that's all OOO I KNOW SPEECH THERAPISTS is honestly getting my goat.

i will not weep to read of the creator's death. SHAZAAAAAAM!

how many of us have had our voices mocked? hell, CLINT used to tell me he wished i didn't exist because my voice was grating. i vividly remember standing by the stairs in the star gallery and being so shocked to see him tearing me apart in yet another way...that it just became another reason to fake a suicide attempt in 1994--all my reasons had to do with him mocking my body, pimping me out, kissing me and pretending he didn't know me, dragging me by my panties (which were thus ripped and bloodied)and the hair...and pelting me with objects heavy and hard...

--and i still get laughed at. sometimes people just burst out laughing...then if i deign to explain that i'm deaf i get, "oh, i thought you had a speech defect!"


ah, racism is NOT racism when it's deaf people. we're just cutez and dumbz!

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