Saturday, April 12, 2014

burnt offerings

after twenty minutes he was all "yes
i own you mmm"
and i took him out "you
get me back to really having fun
and you'll get it again."

the halfheartedness
huh, no.
a brat reprimanded
a "you liar" meanness
and i was yet unimpressed.

"i'm SICK of it! it's been...(audibly counts on fingers)
...five months!"

and it is every bit as nice as seven months ago, but five sounded bad enough and seven was just upsetting for his ego. it was amazing again. probably part of why i started feeling like i was ugly and no good when i was caught off guard.

so it was good and fantastic and fabulous and outstanding and good again. he could not stand "no good sex for months and you know you can do better!" he just wasn't trying for me, but some other woman. not my anatomy. who ya been thinking i was?

he figured out the twists and turns. found the g-spot bend. so the difference between too deep and (breathily) too deep is now calibrated correctly.

we were not doing as much talking as usual. i cashed out morally when I started having flashbacks and things were just quietly happy and sexy. but the sex was largely deflated. i really scared him. i wouldn't look at him and was really just floody.

ah !but it was good

i need someone to draw with. homeboy

only draws what he's told.

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