Wednesday, April 23, 2014

the fragments that fragment: fragrant failure

what he was


interesting, logical, scientific, loyal, caring, a genius who could keep me interested, and who would not judge me for being raped. or use it against me regarding shutting myself off from education for a couple of years. he seemed like someone who could forgive that.

he said, after we agreed that we'd rather date than talk dirty, two days after we started texting and things got inexplicably naughty, and the ass thing came up and I totally copped to it and apologized! that is just awful. but so amazing


to know that i met a man who made me believe

i was safe PARENTHESES OF MISCELLANY and loved, yes, from the start!

and who was sexier than i could believe

who thought i was cute.

i'd had three beers

and dominic was like, hey

that guy over there

wants to pay your tab

he's been trying to get your attention

and got off his elbows

and started cleaning the bar.

we got to stay after the bar closed. dom really liked that i was getting some perfect attention

it was my first night out since i almost got killed

except a scary DPHH.

seven months and two days.

so i saw the cabbie and my usual NO NO NO NO NO

a litany to all the drivers every morning at 3:45

was all "awwww men is can't being so bad"

all "mmmm long-anus i am with you mmmm"

and i have never gotten black-out drunk again

except here at home after ioe

when i really need to go


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