Monday, May 5, 2014

so funny it's splenetic

she's like, "i won't take responsibility for your choices anymore,"

and i'm like, "mom, for seven years now, on and off, i've been telling you--"

but she cuts in with little jabs and

"mom, this kind of stuff is what i mean."

and marci is like, "it's okay to ask me to my face!"

"do you?"

"...ask the words! do i...what?"

"do you, ah--" right into the eyes, calm down, breathe right, steady and aqua--"believe me?"

"about"--well, i forgot that line. but i won't take this down.

funny. finally saw marci's grammar. It is missing just tiny commas everybody misses anyway, and that's about it. she corrected herself later and i was like, "uh, i read it, and now it's wrong." She double-checked and laughed her ass off; she had been right and here i'm usually crying over losing friends over grammar. i hate it. it's something i tried to destroy my knowledge of but it came back in two weeks. i left clif. losing my grammar was worse than losing all homes.

so it's never gone away again. i won't let it. but i moved in with clif because mom was nasty mean. life-sucking , bone marrow-harrowing mean. so finally i'm sure we have to talk or split up.  like, no-funny-stuff for real. she's tried funny stuff for seven years but it never changes. the hook and the bait don't jibe.

ain't jive.

so i gotta end the story on my note. marci and ilene impart wisdom i am not at liberty to jeopardize anymore.


and i

have changes

to loose.

(also a pun including "lose," so contemplate further. there are six sentences here. some include eliminating one s/o. the seventh may be too convoluted.)

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