Saturday, May 24, 2014

he fights dirty

and i told him when she found his first e-mails to me

and that it was really unfair to her and horrible, and that we were just friends

because we met and i started kissing him back and he was just as good as joe

damn, i mean damn! only three guys in NYC kissed that well

and floyd oh that was my favorite kiss and oh vincent my second favorite

but said i couldn't do any more cuz i realized i really had feelings of companionship with joe

so i just reminded him that he ended the platonic thing by

raping me and that he needs to quit the sanctimonious assery


"i need you"

you would be shocked how many men

"i need you"

and then rape me on their way out

for saying, "ehh, you just don't meet my standards anymore" and usually "better watch what you say about women, you stupid motherfucker...that's my house"

and he pretends i didn't say that

being mean or picking fights

i hate being mean and anyway

if i really am smarter or deeper why should i treat them badly

they didn't check any boxes before birth and neither did i

and anyway

that leads to rape more often

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