Friday, May 9, 2014

the joke's on him.

i actually have learned that the guys who won't eat women out are more likely to rape me. i tell them to get lost and they go berserk. but they're not the only ones.

and they usually say they don't want to eat pussy unless a girlfriend really must have it, then they're beholden to duty.

and i think it's funny cuz guys still say i taste great and detail it. i find it entertaining how they each describe it. they also still say they're lucky i look amazing naked.

no squishy waistlines from jeans that seat differently at different weights and shapes or bras that feel great but actually too snug.

but now i'm old so getting fat again has given me ripply thighs sometimes. AIEEE WHAT NO PLEASE AGE DON'T CREEP UP ON ME

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