Wednesday, April 23, 2014

the bare facts, the naked truth and the eye of the tiger


these two guys could be pissed at this but the point of naming and shaming

as always

is guilt. i never really mentioned this, ever, and not to a mutual acquaintance, then one or two people in preparation for for autobio:

because, duh, he didn't rape me.

there was a point, 30 to 60 seconds.

and i don't think

by any account

he's a rapist.

no chance at all.


we met once. hung out. he said "let's cuddle"

i knew! I KNEW.

and flew into defense

for the first real time. no more being scared and then having to be scared of the faces.

i said yes to cuddling. but i tensed. he touched me too intimately. in anger. my back was too arched. i was shivering. as usual.

but when i got scared he yelled from behind me, pulling me onto my back across his not so adonis.

i thought of fatso and how they looked a lot  alike.

i could not have TWO of them haunting my head. i squinted mean right back and refused.

he relented.

"i didn't want to anyway.

i just heard about you, that you're cool and a totally easy lay.

sorry. guess it's not true."

and that  is proof

(No. 1)

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