Tuesday, March 11, 2014

fluff and not the stuff of dreams

 i'm not a bachelor fan

i just can't sleep so i read the dailymail article about juan pablo

he's a shit, to be sure, a cheater and a liar; his own parents want to warn all women off--his poor daughter! he probably disgusts his parents as a parent! but then i read: "don't get cranky, don't get cranky, don't get cranky"--

to someone who has been led on and can't even begin to see that he's used her from the start and probably hasn't been persuaded to have sex with him yet (haven't seen the show...but given what he said to poor clare, he must be trying to figure out a way to fuck nikki and cut her off)--someone who desperately wants to believe he loves her, someone he is hellbent on deceiving--


will she be allowed to sue if they continue a romance/get married? cuz SURE AS SHIT..."don't get cranky"--is a precursor to rape and violence if this guy gambles with the diamond ring

to slip himself

into her diamond ring

and sure as shit...she better sue for every last dollar she can wring

they knew, and they didn't think it would be a big thing...but pushing an abuser, someone who will take a swing...

well, I guess it's all comic timing.

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