Saturday, June 7, 2014

deft strokes of the ASL kind

i always see things i want to tell bianca about

show her

and i tell people about our museum imagination

the special exhibits we will have traveling the united states

the number of people who recoil at our scratch'n'sniff exhibit

but why shrink at the violet of pussy? the orchid rorschach that cannot be seen

ah, she is the best

and a few days ago i woke up and looked in the mirror after my shower

oh, i wished i could text her--she would have been able to crack up over the hair that had sprouted overnight, a thin white hair that had "old age" stamped all over it--

--it had sprouted between my eyebrows and formed a 1.5"-long C curling down to where my glasses bridged--between my eyes!--

and bianca would have had a great, brutally honest calculation at the ready

of the emotions and thoughts


in a pluck

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