Monday, June 23, 2014

psychiatry and its druthers

that is why i have decided

when the world is against you and the people who have all the strings


it becomes their power

your play

is taken from you floorboard by spotlight

and the disenfranchised

we are no longer committed to physical institutions

but the psychic lock and key

especially in the Deaf-world, so tiny

with ridor lightning-quick dispensing rules from "hey, tell..."

to "okay, tell..."

suffocates and the lights



(so there must be someone Deaf to sit there and agree

it is true)


i remember dorm b staff before i graduated

"we thought you lesbian what-up"


"first night before freshman year we caught you in the tub with another girl"

oh, but that girl had a ferocious bite on her

already sent someone to have one treated

who says no when a threat is a bite after you've witnessed three assaults

and  two years later it turns out

she was sexually abused by both parents and their friends

"hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha so anyway i'm sorry but hey

it heartened back to innocent days, back to when we could just take baths with friends


"yeah, you didn't do anything weird, so



looking in is nonsense

and looking out is a trap

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