Sunday, June 15, 2014

i had to have this talk with you

jolene is a song

and now the wife and i have moved past

self-defense and accusation

she seems to believe he coerced me

but anyway

now i know what i've been suspecting

he's been using sweetheart tactics to steal

based on what he knows about david, hugo and joe

threatening to break my arm or kill me or my client

for money

he gets really angry and threatening when i say no and then pretends he didn't

and for reasons a bit complicated to blog

this is now about my mother, not the wife, mind

except that a mother is supposed to be able to help a fractured child figure out what's normal

and guide her (or him) away from abusive relationships

not push her toward them and say it's nothing to do

with mommy dearest

but she has been pushing me toward abusive men and destruction

since she laid eyes on clint

so i really won't be talking to her ever again

this is not the kind of mother who can ever help

the kind of mother who would force her daughter into a place

where either she is in danger of being raped or killed every day

or has to try to love a man

so she feels just that much safer every day

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