Monday, June 16, 2014

i want to make these adorable monster scarves

for joe and the babies

and mail them for his birthday to play with now and use in earnest this winter

i have no way of knowing

they won't be thrown away

whether he has faced himself

whether he'll be single and normal in four years

i worry

the drones aren't being employed now, when the world needs them most

that four years will be a death sentence

i read the news every morning

and i blog only what hurts me personally

but the months have flown by with too many terrible precursors

not to wonder whether "see you in new york" predicts

the destruction is horrific, the carnage

we did this, we allowed this cultivation of evil

and we aren't stopping it--

for the love of humanity, the children

send in the drones

ain't nobody gon' be decrying the damn things now

all over the world and we can't realistically expect

to stay safe much longer

the heartbreak mounts

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