Saturday, June 7, 2014

how it all began

i've been thinking of the brit

way up by the nob hill hotel


"you need to disown your family. i disowned mine; i was homeless for nearly a year

no one had prepared me for life and once i was at the precipice they abandoned me


told me i was shit and that i deserved nothing better

when i was 32 i really made it, i have an amazing career

but looking back i know exactly what they did and they won't get a dime"

so i've been thinking back on who's really family

bianca sticks out and i bet chanda would pinkie-initiate her

into a trio

cha loves a good smart laugh so wry

but how it started was a very awkward outing in her red car, was it a toyota

i will never forget certain drives and neither will she

we were shocked at the other's clarity

that we both felt a connection the other apparently didn't and kept it secret

silent all these years

but one we really laugh about was the hours wasted trying to drive past this house at two circles in northwest d.c.

thwarted by the circles and thrown back into the figure 8

and one day on AIM

turn on the TV beth

oh my god it's the house at the circle

on house hunters do you fucking remember--

omigod yes every few times you tried to drop me off at my house omigod

and we would always freak and promise not to get as stuck looping da loop like the first time 

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